This is my redraw/ alternate scenario for this scene.

I see the people wanted a kiss at this scene but in all honesty I just wanted a damn hug! Is that too much to ask for?

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Sources 1, 2

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Tonights HQ_69min prompt was dates, and there is never enough ukai and takeda for these prompts, so I did them! But we all know Ukai’s busy schedule doesn’t allow for dates, so Takeda visits him at work and has a few drinks.

Bonus suits sketch since I had extra time!

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So like I just finished kuroko no Basuke season one and this is all I got

Kuroko: Hahaha now u see me now u don't. Loljks u never saw me
Kagami: I make kangaroos look ridiculous HAHAH UR STRONG LET ME JUMP AT U AGGRESSIVELY
Kise: Oh so you can do something no one else can do that's considered your special move and everyone worships you for it? Cool, let me just do the exact same thing you just did flawlessly and better than you did all while my fangirls' ovaries explode in the distance lel
Midorima: i follow my horoscope and my horoscope tells me to shoot a basket from the opposite side of the court. However, I will subtly give u hints on how to be better but then I'll deny it all because tbh I'm not a nice person at all whatchu talkin bout Willis i don't like kuroko at all even tho I watch every game he plays lol
Aomine: I can do everything you can do about two hundred and thirty three times better, plus things you can't even imagine all while fucking ur bitch at the same time lol btw this isn't even my final form xoxo kamisama hajimeaomine
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  1. i tend to stray off in search for food. ε=ε=ε= (ノ º﹃º) ノ
  2. when people call me a “fashionista” i internally laugh because i have maybe 10 cheapass clothes i just juggle around (and two pairs of sandals)
  3. i wrote fanfiction for creative writing class, i just kept replacing the names before i submit shhh my prof is on tumblr
  4. i hit puberty when i was 8 (×_×;)
  5. i’m 5’1” but i don’t mind coz this means heichou is taller than me
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D e m o n i c a l l y  brilliant performance
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a new roommate for nitori

it’s funny because this is actually what really happened

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くすぐったい by ごろう。


くすぐったい by ごろう。

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The ” nitori got sick” comic annon requested…
Momo is the fanfiction lord ♡
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Him: Why are you feminists so angry?
Me: That's not a question. Women are paid less for the same jobs. Most women will not even be given jobs because those would be given to less qualified men. Some women can't have any jobs at all because they're forced to take care of households alone, while being mocked as "mere housewives". Some more would wish they were the "mere housewives", not the abused housewives. Some more would not wish for anything, because they've died by the hands of men. So here's the question: why aren't you?
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Hide noticed me who wasn’t able to mix with others in class, and became my voice. For Hide to be killed… I don’t want that. I don’t want that. I don’t want that.

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Original by 靴下猫腰子

Makoto’s first encounter with Sousuke

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look what i found in my drafts!!more snk hogwarts au

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